Our Vision

Circle divided into four sections. The northern quadrant has a picture of Chenchira weeding chamomile. The western image is a waterfall. The southern quadrant is a table decorated with candles, stones and antlers, and a mandala of herbs. The eastern quadrant is Rachel winnowing peanuts.

Earth Connection & Caretaking

Weaving Community United In Diversity & Seeding Creative Change

Spiritual Nourishment & Heart Connection

Earth Connection & Caretaking

Honoring those that lived on this land before us, learning from traditional ways this land was stewarded, and striving to support the healing of those displaced from and exploited on it. Some ways this may manifest: Learning more local history, collaborating with the Historical Society, and donating a portion of all proceeds from the land to the Monocan Nation and local BIPOC initiatives.

Offering opportunities for exploration, play, wonder, and connection with the natural world, as well as hands-on learning and joining in the labor of love that land care entails. Some ways this may manifest: Crafting, themed garden areas, natural/edible playgrounds, an Enchanted Forest festival, gardening and seed saving workshops, workparties and volunteer opportunities.

Caring for and co-creating with the land in a way that nourishes soil life and a thriving ecosystem. Recognizing, valuing, and designing for the needs of more than just the humans that reside here. Some ways this may manifest: Covercrops and mulching, crop rotation, seed saving, plantings for medicine and beneficial insects, composting, donating surplus, rechanneling local waste, rainwater catchment, mindfulness, and lots of mycelia! Back to top

Weaving Community United In Diversity

Creating an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming space and a range of offerings that bring together people from varied walks of life. Seeking common ground and cultivating respectful curiosity and openness towards our different beliefs, life experiences, needs and gifts. Some ways this may manifest: Access for individuals with special needs incorporated into the design of space and events as much as possible; sliding-scale donation based; building relationships with, and bridges between, the Louisa intentional communities and other neighbors and local organizations; intention setting around openness to difference at the start of events, and encouraging opportunities for conversation and connection throughout; continuing our own process of recognizing and working on our biases and blind spots. Back to top

Spiritual Nourishment & Heart Connection

Coming together to contemplate and celebrate, stretch our boundaries, explore deeper questions of purpose, and support each other on our unique journeys. Some ways this may manifest: Interfaith Shabbat, study groups, sharing circles, song circles, ceremonies, sweats, meditative dance… Back to top

Seeding Creative Change

Sharing (and offering space for others to share) technologies and systems, skills, and resources that empower folk to move toward the change they want to see in the world. Some ways this may manifest: Tours, workshops, and online material centered around off-grid systems and land care; seed swaps and skill shares; redirecting surplus; networking and collaborating with other communities and organizations in the area. Back to top