Thanks for your interest in joining our Collective! We will have two bedrooms available at Magnolia beginning in July.

We are a communal household that…

-Strives to strike a balance between having space for ourselves and our own pursuits, enjoying time together, and opening our home for informal gatherings and public events

-Values open, honest, and compassionate communication, striving for mutual understanding; access and inclusion; and gratitude and reciprocity in our relationships with the land and each other

-Shares resources in order to provide for our household expenses (e.g. rent, utilities, food) and support the larger mission of the Collective. We recognize that everyone’s situation is different, and do not require all members to contribute equally.

-Is powered by off-grid technologies that require attentiveness to natural cycles, some lifestyle adjustments, and the humility to learn new ways to achieve familiar tasks. We strive to minimize our dependence on fossil fuels and extractive industries and support local, ecological alternatives.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for? Intrigued and want to learn more? Please check out our FIC listing for more information, and contact us expressing your interest in membership.

If after our initial conversations, it seems like a good fit, the next step is generally to schedule an in-person visit. If we all feel excited about the possibility of living together after the visit (and there is an opening at Magnolia), we may then try the arrangement out for a few weeks before committing. After someone has lived at the Collective for two months, they can apply for membership.